Due to agronomical, organizational or commercial reasons mainly herbicides were used to keep weeds in check in the past. This chemical weed control reduced costs and efforts while at the same time it helped to increase profits and to stabilize crop yield. This resulted in the fact that typical “cultivation crops” have turned into “chemical crops”. Lately, because of the significant disadvantages of chemical weed control, an increased interest in mechanical weed control can be realized. The following reasons are basis for this trend:

The Einbock Chopstar Cultivator does not only control weeds, but also achieves excellent results in soil aeration, nitrogen mobilization, regulation of the water balance etc.
These cultivators are mainly used in medium to heavy soil. On the hoeing-sections weeder tines can be mounted additionally. On the hoeing-sections, different options like hilling elements, hilling sweeps, weeder tines, finger-hoes, etc. can be mounted.

Einbock’s special designed frame profile on which the parallelograms are mounted, is available in a rigid or a hydraulic folding version. The special frame profile allows mounting of the parallelograms through a single clamp lever. Each parallelogram are equipped with down pressure adjustment and Farm-flex depth control wheels for optimal performance.

As front machines, the retraction-adjustable parallelograms are pushed, this way a short construction of the hoe is reached. The parallelogram guided hoe elements are depth-guided by a Farm-Flex wheel accurately. Greaseable and stable linkages on the spring- loaded parallelograms, which can be adjusted subsequently, guarantee a long product life. The shares are adjustable in height and position, also suitable in deeper work position. The crop deflector plates can hang in different heights; therefore, you can reach an optimal heap through the correct tine position.

The fingerweeder was specially  designed to work in the row (the sensitive line, approx. 8-14 cm) and to reduce or eliminate weeds there. The fingers are made of a synthetic material which protect the deep rooting crop and harms the weed. The fingerweeder can perfect work in combination with trailed duckfoot-hoes. No matter if corn, soybean, pumpkin or potatoes – in nearly every row crop the fingerweeder does a terrific job in the row.

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