Meneguzzo LOP Weed Trimmer

Meneguzzo LOP Weed Trimmer

The new LOP 65/90/120 weed trimmer is a high-end machine with the characteristic of having a modular cutter bar.

In the new modular LOP 65/90/120 weed trimmer the standard cutter bar is 6.5 meters, but can be extended to 9 meters to a maximum of 12 meters using special modules to be purchased as optional expansions.

We have developed this machine to favor many customers who, as a first purchase,
prefer to buy a small trimming machine. The ability to increase the working width, allows the customer to gradually purchase the pieces needed, to obtain a larger and more efficient topping machine. Finally, today it is possible to increase the size of the cutter bar through specially designed modules that can be applied later.

With the new modular LOP 65/90/120 trimming machine you start with a 6.5 m bar to finish with a practically doubled bar, so with a lot more productivity.

Another advantage is that this topping machine is adaptable to any plot of land, by virtue of its changeable dimensions it is ideal for any type of extension.

Naturally it preserves the appreciated mechanics of the other models, safe and indestructible machines. Adding appendices is a simple job.

Length (mm) 1100 1100 1100
Length (Inches) 43.3″ 43.3″ 43.3″
Width max (mm) 6600 8900 12100
Width Max (Inches) 259.84″ 350.39″ 476.37″
Width of cut (mm) 6500 8800 12000
Width of cut (Inches) 255.90″ 346.34″ 472.44″
Transport Width (mm) 2600 2600 2600
Transport Width (Inches) 102.36″ 102.36″ 102.36″
Height (mm) 2300 3500 3500
Height (Inches) 90.55″ 137.79″ 137.79″
Weight (kg) 570 700 900
Weight (LBS) 1256 1543 1984
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