The Tined Weeder For The Perfect Weeding Effect,

The worldwide thousandfold proven Aerostar Tined Weeder is not only used for mechanical crop maintenance, but also as an alternative to chemical weed control. Movable tine sections grant a perfect adaption to any soil condition. The success in weeding is done by covering and choking germinating weeds with topsoil.

All Einbock Tined weeders are equipped with direct spring-loaded tines which have many advantages over an indirect spring-loaded tine: The Vibration of the tines in this spring- loaded tine ensures self-cleaning of tines guarantees operations without clogging the sections while weeds are uprooted from the soil and dirt.

The solid tube frame construction of the Aerostar prevents the tined weeder from swinging, even at higher working speeds. On hard soil the tined weeder can apply sufficient pressure on the tines while withstanding heavy loads an ensures a long life of the machine with many seasons of operation without issues.

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